Traffic disruptions, engineering works and service alterationsTraffic disruptions and service alterations

With SNCB International, get all the latest info on rail traffic in Europe, in particular on direct connections between Belgium and France, the Netherlands and Germany.

We’ll also provide you with practical pages to help you find your way in Europe’s train stations, as well as real-time departure and arrival times for thousands of stations in Europe.

With SNCB International, get all the latest info on rail traffic in Europe, in particular on direct connections from and to Belgium.

Covid-19: impact on your international train travel.Covid-19: recommendations.

SNCB is closely monitoring the situation regarding the spread of Covid-19 in Belgium and in Europe, and has been in permanent contact with the FPS Public Health since the beginning of the outbreak.

Regularly check our updates of the measures taken by our neighbouring countries and by the main rail carriers in relation with the coronavirus.

Please notice: for most of the rail carriers, the regular fare conditions will apply. Carefully check each fare's exchange or refund conditions.

Namur-Maubeuge and Mons-Aulnoye trains temporarily suspended from 6 December.

Due to a momentary shortage of available train staff, the cross-border connections between Namur, Charleroi and Maubeuge (F) and between Mons and Aulnoye-Aymeries (F) are temporarily suspended as from Monday 6 December 2021 until further notice.

Tickets for these connections can be entirely refunded, in application of the European passenger rights. 

Travel alternatives between Belgium and France: Intercity trains to/from Lille-Flandres or Thalys / TGV INOUI from/to Bruxelles-Midi.

Possible security checks at Brussels-Midi, Antwerp-Central and Liège-Guillemins.

Since July 2017, security checks for passengers travelling on high-speed trains (Thalys, TGV or ICE) have been introduced in the train stations of Brussels-Midi, Antwerp-Central and Liège-Guillemins. Part of a series of measures implemented by the government, these checks are non-systematic and non-permanent and are carried out by authorised security personnel.

Taking into account that you may be subject to the above mentioned security checks, we ask that Thalys, TGV and ICE travellers anticipate a safe time margin and make their way to the platform sufficiently on time.

Travellers are also reminded that they must not be in possession of items that could endanger their fellow passengers.

Feel free to contact us for further information about your journey.

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