5 exciting things to do during your city break in Prague

Tucking into bed in Belgium or the Netherlands and waking up in the Czech Republic? That’s the type of adventure you can expect with European Sleeper: the night train departing from Brussels at 7:22 PM, passing through Amsterdam & Berlin and dropping you off in Prague the next day at 10:56 AM!

Choose between the seated carriage, couchette or sleeping car and start dreaming of your city trip as the miles of track whiz beneath you. Need tips for Prague? Here you go.

Conquer the challenging climb to Prague Castle (panting all the way)

A visit to Prague without exploring Prague Castle is like going to Paris without ascending the Eiffel Tower, to Rome without indulging gelato or to Africa without encountering elephants on safari. In other words: you missed the boat. Spanning over 70,000 square meters, this colossal castle complex is truly imposing and rightfully designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Upon mounting 209 steps, you'll reach Praszký hrad. The narrow alleys offer sweeping panoramic views, making walking the best way to get around. Be sure to visit Saint Vitus Cathedral for its stunning stained glass windows and eclectic architectural blend.

Apart from the old royal palace and the cathedral, Prague Castle also houses Zlatá ulička: the Golden Lane. Don't expect sparkling villas, but rather cozy, colorful cottages that showcase the lane’s beauty in its (touristic) simplicity. The Golden Lane was inhabited until the First World War, including by the renowned writer Franz Kafka.

However, what truly adds to the charm of the castle is the daily changing of the guard, occurring every day at noon. You'll witness a procession of soldiers crossing the square, accompanied by a fanfare and official ceremony. And if you find yourself intrigued by the sign pointing towards the outdoor café of the National Gallery, treat yourself to a delicious homemade lemonade. With a view, obviously.

Witness the marvel of the astronomical clock

The facade of the Old Town Square boasts Prague's most photographed landmark: I. Feel free to stick with "15th-century astronomical clock" if that's a bit of a mouthful.

His sundial, depiction of constellations & lunar phases and vibrant parade of saintly figures provide abundant visual and auditory delight. It may sound somewhat dull, but don't be fooled: witnessing the clucking, gleaming golden rooster at the finale is a must-see for every single folklore enthusiast.

Immerse yourself in the coffee scene with a generous serving of caffeine

Prague's coffee culture channels the vibe of Vienna's famous coffeehouses. Yearning for a delightful cup of coffee in an elegant setting? Make your way to Obecni Dum. Upon opening the door to the adjacent café within the opera building, you'll be greeted by a waft of enticing coffee bean aroma. The lofty ceilings, shimmering crystal, chrome accents and tall mirrors create the perfect setting for people-watching as well.

Do you fancy sipping your coffee alongside some sweet delights? Then plan a 'coffee & cake' moment at a Grand Café. If there's a café that deserves the top spot on your list, it's Café Imperial. Take in the captivating art deco interior, adorned ceramic tiles in soft pastel tones and bas-reliefs depicting birds, flowers and mystical figures. However, the real highlight awaits: savoring the Imperial cake, a decadent date pastry drizzled with chocolate glaze and ganache. Mark me, it's sure to instantly uplift your spirits.

Stroll across the Charles Bridge

The Charles Bridge, Prague's oldest bridge, is named after Emperor Charles IV, who commissioned its construction in 1357. Interestingly, Charles himself laid the first stone, although not perfectly straight, resulting in a subtle curve in the span. This iconic bridge is 516 meters long, nearly 10 meters wide and has been exclusively accessible to pedestrians since 1978.

Taking your first steps onto the Charles Bridge? Then prepare to be wide-eyed with wonder. The bridge is a sensory feast, with bustling pedestrian traffic, the melodies of live music filling the air and fascinating sights at every turn: from 30 sandstone statues of saints to two imposing gate towers, as well as portrait painters and stalls selling handmade jewelry.

Relax in Letná Park

As you roam around Prague, you'll encounter parks dotted throughout the city. Our recommended destination? Letná Park. To get there, walk from the Old Town through Josefov, one of the city's bustling neighborhoods. On one side, you'll encounter synagogues, a cemetery and a ceremonial hall, offering tangible reminders of the Jewish presence in Czechia. On the other side, this Jewish quarter boasts stunning Art Nouveau buildings and the city's most upscale shopping street, home to luxury boutiques like Louis Vuitton, Cartier and Chanel.

But of course, you're not here solely for (window) shopping - as fun as it may be - so let's make our way to Letná Park. Lace up your hiking boots tightly because first, you’ll have to tackle a steep climb. Once at the top, you'll eagerly scan for the 23-meter-high metronome: a striking, dynamic artwork and popular meeting point.

Letná Park is a green oasis, situated on a plateau above the steep banks of the Vltava River, where you can enjoy walking, cycling, skating as well as relaxing on a bench. From that lush location, you'll be rewarded with awe-inspiring views of the city and the river below. It's as postcard-perfect as it gets. Interesting fact: a pedestrian bridge connects the park to the gardens of Prague Castle!

No traffic jams, no tolls, hassle-free luggage handling and the added comfort of traveling (and sleeping) through diverse landscapes? All the convenience of traveling from Belgium to Prague is yours aboard the European Sleeper. Now who wouldn't want that?