Coronavirus: impact on your international train travel

Update 07/04/2020 13:00

SNCB is closely monitoring the situation regarding the spread of Covid-19 in Belgium and in Europe and has been in permanent contact with the FPS Public Health since the beginning of the outbreak. More information about this virus can be found on

For your train journeys in Belgium, we invite you to read about the measures taken by SNCB (in French or Dutch) following the spread of coronavirus.

Since Friday 20 March, Belgium has closed its borders to non-essential international journeys. Internatiional leisure travel to/from Belgium is prohibited (only essential professional trips are allowed). Please consult the specific measures about international rail travel below:

Specific measures for your train journeySpecific measures taken by the main international carriersSpecific measures for the main carriers

IC Netherlands (Brussels-Amsterdam and Brussels-The Hague)IC Netherlands
Intercity trains to/from northern FranceIC trains to/from northern France
Trains from/to Luxembourg
local connections to/from Roosendaal or Maastricht
Regional connection Spa-Verviers-Aken